Imagine walking into a supermarket, filling your basket to the brim with food, reaching the checkout, and then simply leaving the store, abandoning all your items. This kind of behaviour is (thankfully) uncommon in physical stores but is an unfortunate reality for online sellers. Which begs the question: Why do customers abandon their shopping carts?

  1. The checkout process is too complicated: One of the main reasons for shopping online is that you can do it from your couch, in your pyjamas, with very little effort. Once the process becomes too complex shoppers give up.
  1. High shipping costs: Customers will abandon their shopping cart if retailers are not up front about shipping costs and hidden fees.
  1. They don’t Want to make an account: Nobody wants to be plagued with emails from a website that they only used once.
  1. There’s no way for the customer to pay for the item: Making your site compatible with several different payment options allows you to reach more customers.
  1. Lack of product information: If physical stores have one advantage, it’s that customers can see what a product is like before they purchase it. Customers are less likely to buy a product if they are unsure of its quality.

Simple, easy to navigate websites make customers less likely to abandon their shopping carts. NetNutz is experienced at designing websites that make the buying process as easy as possible for customers, feel free to contact us if you want help launching your next website.