In days gone by, when looking for digital marketing agencies to work with and represent your company,  you may be drawn to the larger agencies at the first turn. The main reasons, they are well known in the industry, seem to be highly recognized, connected, stable and reliable. What you may not be aware of, however, is that smaller agencies are just as effective as larger organizations and may even better suit your needs.

Personal Relationships

Working with a smaller firm will give you the opportunity to develop a strong working relationship. In many cases, you will receive better communication through a smaller firm. You aren’t just a number–you are a valued client and partner on the project.

You also won’t have to play the phone tag game with a smaller agency. More often than not with a smaller agency, you will have a dedicated project manager throughout the entirety of the relationship, not just this one project. Not only that with smaller agencies you will usually also have direct contact with the whole project team from designers to developers

This is a great attribute of smaller firms. Instead of working with different contacts each time, you will be in constant contact with a team who, you will develop a personalized business relationship with.

Small Doesn’t Mean Less (Experience)

In fact, it usually means more. Often times the people that choose to work at a smaller agency do so because they’ve worked in larger agencies and have become frustrated with the bureaucracy and red tape as well as the lack of creative freedom to develop new ideas and working practices

The nature of a small agency makes it necessary to not only hire people with years of experience but are also cross-trained in multiple disciplines. This allows for flexibility and quick response time. Need a quick code change to your website? Your PPC specialist can probably do that too.

How many times have you heard some variation of this as part of a small company’s slogan? It may be an overused cliché, but if the shoe fits…There is a certain and undeniable entrepreneurial spirit at small companies. It trickles down from the owners, who are often deeply entrenched with their employees on projects. Ideas are encouraged and openness is part of the culture. There are fewer processes, less red tape and more, “Ok, let’s try that”, go with the flow and figure it out. Small companies have big ideas because they attract employees with big ideas.

Cost Effectiveness

Generally speaking, it’s significantly cheaper to partner with an agency rather than bring on a full in-house team. That being said, the total cost can vary greatly based on the size of your business and how much you’re looking to accomplish.

With lower overhead concerns–including office space and employee count–smaller agencies are often much more affordable than larger ones. This is an advantage for smaller/ medium businesses who don’t have bottomless budgets for digital services.


Smaller firms are often more specialized in particular practice areas. This gives prospective clients an opportunity to hand pick agencies that will know more about their wants and needs. If you pick specialized agencies, chances are you will find better results. With a specialised agency, you will encounter detailed work that is specific to your situation. A larger agency will have some specialised areas but generally, they have a more general knowledge than a specific one.

Been convinced to go smaller Yet?

We really could keep writing about all of the benefits of working with a small digital marketing agency, As a small multi-disciplined digital agency we are of course a little biased. So if access, flexibility, experience, big ideas using the latest techniques and process are driving factors in your digital marketing decisions, then get in touch with us below and let’s have a chat.

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