The main question simply is this. What makes a website great?

From my years in the industry all of the great websites that exist and those that don’t yet will have the following in common

Show them you are human

Show the visitor you are a human and approachable. Just as would say hello if a customer walked into your business, the same principle applies to your website. Real people like dealing with real people no one wants to deal with a faceless company always be there and show people the real people behind your business.

Understand Your Visitors.

Take the time to do some research! Learn what makes your customers purchase, understand what they like and what they don’t. By doing this you can more effectively target potential new customers with things they really like

Make it simple; make it easy to do business with you.

Keep it simple make the navigation and the site easy to use on a range of devices from mobile phones, to tablets, to PCs.

Show Credibility.

Show reviews and testimonials from existing clients. This shows people you will do a great job or offer a great product. Building trust is a key aspect of sales.

Why Should People Buy From You.

What makes your business different? Why you are the best business in your field show that on your website give people a reason to buy from you.

Test, Measure, Change, Modify, Repeat.

Constantly adapt your site and see what works and what doesn’t small changes can really help you create a site that’s not only regularly updated if you test and measure what you do, and keep on doing the things that work and forgot the things that don’t.

Always Plan For Success.

Always treat your website as if it gets thousands of visitors a day, even if it only gets six. Building a website that is ready for thousands of visitors is key to building a great website.