Bigger isn’t always better. In fact, when it comes to hiring on a marketing agency to work alongside you and your company, small and local is almost always the way to go.
Think about it – coming up with a website that will represent you and your brand is a highly personal process. Working alongside an intimate and passionate SEO company will undeniably provide you with a far more individualized experience overall, and you will walk away with a custom-tailored and carefully designed website that conveys just what it is you’re all about. Working alongside a small group of hand-selected professionals will allow you the opportunity to get to know everyone on a real and personal basis – the doors of communication will be wide open, and your input will always be welcomed (and appreciated).
Not to mention the fact that working alongside small businesses is great for the economy! While small businesses like ours may not generate as much money as large-scale corporations, we play a vital role in contributing to the overall strength of the local economy. Many large corporations rely heavily on the little guys for outsourcing – not to mention, small businesses have been responsible for 64% of all new jobs since 1995! Small businesses can change the world… just take a look at Microsoft.
If you’re considering hiring on a small and dedicated firm to work alongside you and your team in developing your website and marketing campaign, look no further than Dsquared Media. And just to show our appreciation, we’re offering 10% off of all services until the end of the month. Give us a call today – we look forward to speaking with you and developing what we hope will be a lasting business relationship