In todays digital age, your website is going to be on of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy. the key main focus will be to attract visitors to your site and turn them into clientsWe have worked with many startup business and with this experience have created this  startup business website design guide, that any new company can use to produce a website that will get you noticed.

SWOT Analysis.

Create a SWAT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, And Threats) make sure you list everything you can think of from your website in the four columns, Involve other people and get new ideas and allow you to better understand your websites goals.

Plan, Strategise, Adapt.

What is the  main goal of your website? Is there is a process to achieve this?  You need to plan out how people are going to find your website, why they are going to visit your site, and what is going to make them buy from your site. Write a short plan how you are going to achieve these things.

Always include the ability to adapt, running a business means your going to learn new things or find out some ways don’t work. Always include the ability to change.

Create The Website With Your Customers In Mind.

Design the website for your customers not for yourself. Do some market research ask a few people what they think works. When designing your site get as many people involved as possible. Remember its your final decision however the more information you get the better the website going to be.

Set Goals and Targets.

Use Google Analytics to see who’s visiting your website and where they are coming from, its free and easy to install. Use this to set targets, if you get 40 visitors this month aim for 50 next month 60 the following month and so on. Like a good business a great website should have constant growth. Also take a note of how many leads your getting so know what your monthly visitors to leads ratio.

Why Are You Different?

Why should people buy from you? Put front and center on your website what makes you different, tell them how you’re business has helped people, and why your the best choice for them. Always have a unique selling point and make sure your customers know what it is.

Make It Easy.

The buying process is complex and can take 4-6 interaction to get someone to buy from you depending on the cost of the purchase, consider how you buy something and the time it takes if its a £3 item or the time you take if its a £1000 item.

You need to make the customers identify themselves. You need to make that first step easy, include an ask question box where you only need to input a name and email address. Build trust with smaller low cost items items (Lost Leaders). Make that first step as easy and low risk as possible.

Get Google To Take Notice Off You.

Google are a business and like all businesses they want the best results for their customers. You need to get Google to take notice of your site. Update it regularly, offer content and information that people want to read or view, create the ability to interact with you site, have quizzes and games. If people take notice of your website so will Google.

Remember The 5 Second Rule.

Your Website has 5 Seconds to make an impact with visitors, Attention spans a shortening you need to make that initial impact and get noticed. Use a catchy headline, ask questions, and use great images to draw people in.

Use Social Media

Social Networks should be used to drive traffic to your website, It is hard to get people to leave the social media accounts to visit your site, you have to attract people attention, give them a reason to visit your page. Use great headlines and images in your post, be funny, informative, and different. Write a blog with articles people want to read that will help them with their lives. Be cryptic in your headline use things like “How To ….. Link”. Use stratagies that get people off social media and onto your website.


KIS (Keep It Simple)

Test your website get an older person (Your Grandparents) to use it make sure its Simple to use, if a non computer literate person can use your website everyone can.

A Website is never Finished

Use this startup business website design guide and build on it, test and measure what’s happening on your website and develop your website and your strategy over the long term a website is a work in progress its never complete