There may a whole host of reasons that visitors will come to your site then leave, here is just a few of them.

The design is over-complicated

When people visit your page, they want all the information they need, and they want it fast. If the design of the site is busy, they won’t be able to find what they need. The usability of the site has a massive impact on whether people stay or go. If someone can’t figure out how to use a site, they will find another page to look at instead. If the layout is confusing, you will lose clients. It is just that simple.

There are too many pop-ups

You might think that pop-ups are an excellent way of generating an extra revenue stream for your company. While it might make you money, it can be an issue for users. People associate pop-ups and flashy adverts with viruses and malware, so they steer well clear of these sites. In fact  as of 10th January 2017 Google will be Punishing those sites who have to may pops that block the site. You can see the new article here.


You use a standard theme

If you don’t have a bespoke site or you have downloaded a free WordPress theme, it will show. You might think that people don’t pay close attention to the style of the site, but they do. It is always better to have a tailor-made site, rather than one users have seen a thousand times before now.

It is not a mobile responsive site

In the modern world, people no longer view sites solely on their laptops or computers. These days, people use their phones and tablets to browse the web. If your site is not responsive (i.e. it is not tablet or phone ready), it will put users off. You need a flexible site, which users can view no matter what device they use.

Your links redirect the user

Again, there are many reasons you might want to redirect users to a different page or, indeed, an advert. Avoid doing so wherever possible. When users click a link, they want to go to a particular page. They will not like the fact that you are wasting their time with redirects and advertising.

It takes too long to load the site

Having a million different plugins might make your site look intriguing, but what does it do to the load-time? You might have super fast internet, but not all your customers will have the same. If it takes more than a minute or so to load a site, people will not wait around, and you will lose their interest.

The general design of a website is massively important when it comes to gaining traffic. If you want to be a success, you need to ensure that you don’t make any of these hazardous mistakes.